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About Us

image001.jpgDeborah’s Collection is a direct-sales company interested in providing unlimited income opportunity, as well as the freedom to balance rewarding personal lives. Our consultants and managers have fun sharing our revolutionary skin care and health care products throughout the United States, Canada, The Marshall Islands, and England.

Deborah’s Collection was founded in 1988 in Abilene, Texas. As a single mom with three small children, Deborah found herself needing to provide financial support for her family. “Feeling my children needed extra ‘mothering’ and support during this challenging time, I sought to stay at home and at the same time, earn much needed income. Truly as an answer to prayer, I felt led to start a cosmetic company. Through God’s faithfulness, I have been guided every step of the way. I am so very thankful for this wonderful blessing.”

Deborah’s Collection provides skin care, health care, bath care, and baby care products specially formulated with pharmaceutical aloe vera gel. With the assistance of outstanding chemists, Deborah’s Collection has unlocked the mysteries of aloe vera, providing products that not only moisturize, but also help to heal damaged skin tissue. “Our unique cold stabilization process, as well as enhanced formulations, retains 100% of the plant’s mysterious and wonderful properties. You will be amazed by how your skin will look and feel.”

“It is my hope and dream each person involved with this company will set their goals high, clearly see the vision of opportunity, and be strengthen to rise to the highest challenge. Just as Deborah’s Collection has been an answer to my personal prayer, I hope to build a company that provides an environment whereby others can find the answers to their needs.”

Deborah Gibbs

Deborah’s Collection Mission Statement

Our mission statement is simple, yet important to our family of 
consultants, managers, and staff —

                                                    “HELPING OTHERS”

We find the needs vary from skin care concerns to health frustrations to personal self image desires to financial worries. Yes, the needs are many, yet the constant and committed ‘Helping Hands’ of our family continues to reach out with support.



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